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Library CD
Contribution of $20.00
This is our library CD that contains over 10,000 research files, books, and other writings valued in hardcover at over a thousand dollars. Mostly in HTML and PDF format.
Also included is the Four Column Parallel Torah Study Bible containing the Torah text, the Greek Torah, Targum Onkelos, and Targum Psuedo Johnathan. See the demo located on line.

The What About Scriptures
Contribution of $20.00

This is a 4 disk 12 presentation series using the moniker "The What About Scriptures". We chose this because just about every time I would answer a question about a specific Scripture, the usual response was "What About This Scripture?".

We finally decided that we should address all the main "problem" Scriptures in a thorough manner using evidence no one seems to want to talk about. We ask all the hard questions and the answers may surprise you. See the back panel for more information.

Women: Keep Silent or Priesthood of Believers
Contribution of $30.00

This is a 5 disk 10 presentation series about the Role of Women in the Assembly today.

This includes all 6 LIVE interviews on the Hebrew Nation Radio network.

Grafted In
Contribution of $10.00

This is the keynote presentation given at the Season of Our Joy 2010 Sukkot at Windermere in Central Missouri.
The Feast of Tabernacles, called the Season of Our Joy, illustrates the establishment of the thousand year Messianic Kingdom ushered in at the second coming of Yeshua. We’ll go to the Scriptures and take a look at some of the fascinating things mentioned about this time. The role of the Gentiles will also be discussed, both those grafted in and those who are not part of the Commonwealth of Israel. Then, we’ll examine the beginning of that Commonwealth with Moses, and learn what it meant to be grafted in after the Exodus.

Validating the Messiahship of Yeshua
Contribution of $10.00

This is a live and un-edited recording of 5 one hour presentations dealing with attacks on the Messiahship of Yeshua. On this 5 hour DVD, a plethora of different topics are examined and refuted with an overabundance of evidence dismantling these attacks. See the House of David brochure clip for more details about what's on this DVD.

Strengthening Your Faith
Contribution of $10.00

This is a live and un-edited recording of 5 one hour presentations dealing with subjects to strengthen our faith in the Messiahship of Yeshua. On this 5 hour DVD, 5 different topics are explored in great detail including Matthew 5:17 and the foundational teaching "Jurisdiction: What is It and Who has It!". See the House of David brochure clip for more details about what's on this DVD.

Jurisdiction: The Sequel...
Contribution of $10.00
The Messianic movement is truly a melting pot of believers. But despite the varying points of origin, the destination is the same - the practical application of Torah. In the conflicting throng of interpretations, one question emerges: Who, ultimately, has the authority to determine how we walk?
This presentation will take you on a journey through the scriptures to see how and with whom Yahweh established rightful authority then and now. We’ll examine the directives of Yeshua, evidence from the 2nd commonwealth, and the early history of the Messianic believers.

The Heavens Declare
The Virgin Birth - Historical???

Contribution of $10.00

Was Yeshua really born of a virgin? Despite the resounding "YES!" from Christianity, many Jews claim to be able to refute this fact with evidence. Who's right? Fasten your seat belts for an exciting journey through the Hebrew Scriptures, focusing on what Matthew calls the sign to "Prepare the Way", spoken of in Isaiah 7:14.
Many sources will be brought to bear on this controversial subject, from the Septuagint, Aramaic Targums, Middrash Ruth Rabba, Dead Sea Scrolls, New Testament, 1st century Jerusalem Temple scribes, scientific discussion of DNA and blood, and many of the popular and opposing arguments of the past 2000 years. Join us as we give a summary of the Weight of Evidence gathered and a verdict reached on whether the anti-missionary arguments stand or fall.
This presentation was originally given on October 17, 2008 during Sukkot at Paris Landing State Park, Tennessee.

Acts 15
What DID the Prophets Say?

Contribution of $30.00

This is a 3 disk 9 presentation series about the Acts 15 Jerusalem Council.

Invest in the Vision
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